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We are a free footwear retailer arranged in Camden Town, North London. Our stores opened in 1999 and are based either side of Camden Lock which attracts visitors and voyagers from wherever all through the world. Camden is an objective known for its dynamic and differing air. In perspective of it's melodic heritage, the area is a mix unrecorded music settings, restaurants, trench side bars and the now understood markets. It is so far one of the not a lot of spots where self-governing associations thrive in a universe of retail corporates. 

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At Scorpion Shoes, we purposely select the most perfectly awesome of brands in order to give sustenance to the different ages, tastes and establishments of our customers. We for the most part have our ears (and eyes) on the ground scanning for the accompanying example or hot brand. As a self-sufficient, we can stand to put it all on the line while asking for and can in this way offer a grouping of styles that the chain stores can't. Fundamentally, we buy what we like and we wear what we offer!


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